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Church Tower Lists Toward Tipping Point, If Not a Title

"You cannot compare these two churches," he said. "It's like comparing boxers in the lightweight category with heavyweights."

Guinness Book officials haven't done much to clear up the controversy. Olaf Kuchenbecker, a Guinness representative from Hamburg, said the World's Crookedest Tower was a new category and acknowledged that record keepers hadn't visited Bad Frankenhausen.

"This is not an absolute, by any means," he said. "If another group thinks it has a more crooked tower, the group is free to apply to us for consideration."

Meanwhile, the citizens of Bad Frankenhausen have another worry.

According to local folklore, the tower will remain standing as long as jackdaws -- a black, crow-like bird -- keep nesting in the steeple. Problem is, no one has seen jackdaws flying around the church in years.

"They've left Frankenhausen," Koellen said. "I don't know why."

Special correspondent Shannon Smiley contributed to this report.

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