Sunday, November 25, 2007

DVD Player Aboard

I RECENTLY traveled round trip to Las Vegas from Dulles. I carry a portable DVD player to watch movies on long flights.

I had no problem sending my small carry-on bag containing the player through the X-ray machine at Dulles. When going through security at McCarran Airport for the return flight four days later, my bag was stopped for a check because of the DVD player. The TSA agent told me that the players are now treated like laptops and must be removed from baggage for screening. I thanked him, but at the same time wondered why I had passed so easily through the Dulles screening process.

Rick Giammaria


Vacation Nightmare, Cont'd

AS A FREQUENT traveler to Europe, I was pleased to read of the trials and tribulations of fellow travelers ["Anatomy of a Nightmare," Nov. 11] as well as the "partial" solutions that some have found in dealing with airlines ["The Readers Respond," Nov. 18].

The letter from Debra Stevenson of Fairfax, dealing with overbooking, was of special interest. I have frequently wondered why the simplistic solution she describes has not been a no-brainer from the airlines' perspective. Or is it a matter of trying to double the revenue by selling the same seat twice? What is the airlines' position on this issue?

Have the airlines had a rebuttal to any of this criticism? If so, I hope you will share it with us.

Robert Lowe


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