Remembering Sean Taylor

By Nuzhat Naoreen and Charles Holley
Tuesday, November 27, 2007; 12:37 PM

Thousands of readers have offered tributes to Redskins safety Sean Taylor, expressing sympathy for his family and appreciation for his achievements. Below are excerpts of some of those comments. To share your thoughts, use the Comments form below.


As NFL football fans we send our sympathy to Mr. Taylors family and the Washington Redskins organization. RIP #21, You were a worthy opponent.

N.Y. Giants fans section 121

- franklakat


Sean Taylor was my favorite Redskin since Art Monk. I thought of him as a queit, misunderstood, ludicrously talented star in the secondary whom opposing offenses feared. It turns out he was also a father, a son, a brother and guy with a big heart.

- squid1


To Washington Residents and Redskins fans...

Having experienced the tragedy of losing our young star cornerback, Darrent Williams to a similar senseless act, I think everyone here in Denver understands how you are feeling this morning....Even if you have never met the man, it is entirely reasonable to feel a sense of personal loss and emptiness. I know, I've been there....

Jeff Thompson, Denver, CO


God Bless Taylor's family and the Redskins organization.


A Sad Dallas Cowboys Fan

- browine


21 was the face of the Skins for me. He played with reckless abandon on the field and appeared to be developing into a family man off it. I always admired that he never used the media as an outlet to showboat or draw attention to himself. Rather, he let his remarkable play speak for him....Hail.

- mile.high


Sean, you were my favorite current Redskin for so many reasons - your toughness, athleticism, love of the game, and the fear you instilled in the opposition....Rest in peace and God bless you and those you've left behind.

- johnwp


I'm sad today and for some reason feel as though I've lost a friend of mine. Maybe that's because I've been bleeding burgundy and gold for too long. Today the colors aren't quite as bright, the helmets aren't as shiny, and the roar of the stadium has turned into a whimper. We will miss you Sean, we will miss you.

- robertsimpson1


I loved this dude like he was my little Brother. He renewed my excitement about football. I always said if I played football I would have changed positions to SS just to play with him. This was my favorite football player EVER. I will miss him. I don't even know if I'll watch another game this season... or ever.

- SilkySlim19


This really puts a perspective on what is really important in life. Just to think, a couple days ago, everyone was upset we blew it against the Bucs. I would take years and years of futility on the field, blowing leads, not making playoffs to have Sean back....

- ayagci33


I'm literally at a loss for words... Such a sad and senseless tragedy. Suddenly, football seems just so unimportant. This young man was just beginning to realize his potential... Not only on the field, but in life. The entire Redskins family has been robbed of a treasure and now must grieve and heal together, from Dan Snyder and the coaching staff, to the players and everyone else who's ever held a place in their heart for the Burgundy & Gold.

- jfmayer


I absolutely loved the way #21 played the game and the passion he brought everytime he stepped on to the field. He may have been critized at times as being undisciplined - but his drive to be the best safety in the NFL came through with every bone crushing hit he delivered. Such a tragic loss. God bless Sean and his family. You will truely be missed. R.I.P.

- WeMissUSeanTaylor


Sean Taylor gave his life this morning defending his family. His sacrifice moved me to tears. He became what this world so cynically demands of our "mere" sports figures -- a true hero....

- HaikuMan


I've been crying all morning. I will miss Sean Taylor. A great player and human being.

- CAC2


A young professional football player a boy maturing into a man, ,a new father, a son to a mother and father....Sean Taylor brought it everytime he stepped on the football field his ACTIONS ON THE FIELD speak for themselves....

- TheBeatDontStop


I think I could feel a little more distant from this if I didn't have to explain it all to my son, who is 4 years old. But, because Sean Taylor was his favorite football player, I have had to explain to him about the shooting and how senseless violence impacts others. And now, I will have to explain his death as well, which is something I'm not looking forward to doing. He has been to almost every home game with me over the past 2 years, and it will be very strange that he won't be dragging me down to the lowest rows of section 112 to watch ST warm up any longer....

- JustMe

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