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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Q. When and where will Taylor's funeral be held?

Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said yesterday during a news conference that it likely will take place in Miami early next week, but plans have not been finalized.

Q. Did Taylor have life insurance through the NFL?

Yes. He was fully vested in the NFL pension program and his beneficiary will receive survivor's benefits and a life insurance payment through the league and NFL Players Association of at least $350,000, league sources said. He was not yet fully vested in the annuity plan. That would have happened after this season.

Q. Will his daughter receive any other financial assistance?

Probably. After three other active NFL players died this year -- Darrent Williams and Damien Nash of the Denver Broncos, and Marquise Hill of the New England Patriots -- the Players Association announced that it had established trust funds for the education, health care, living expenses and recreation of their minor children. The union started each fund with $25,000 and presented players on every team with pledge sheets.

Q. How much money did Taylor make during his NFL career?

More than $14 million. He received $12.3 million in bonus payments and roughly $2 million in annual base salaries between 2004 and 2007. He would have received base salaries of $865,000 and $1.1 million for the next two seasons, respectively. He would likely have signed a large contract extension with the Redskins in 2008 or 2009.

Q. What happens to the Redskins' salary cap as a result of Taylor's death?

Taylor will count $2.5 million against the salary cap next season, according to sources with knowledge of the contract, and it appears the Redskins have no recourse for that situation. Under terms of the collective bargaining agreement, the club could try to recoup some of the bonuses already paid to Taylor, given that his death was due to circumstances off the field. But no one expects the team to do that and, in fact, Snyder previously has been generous with players in times of crisis.

Q. What will the Redskins do to honor Taylor?

Snyder said the team would wear Taylor's No. 21 on both their helmets and jerseys in some fashion.

Also, there will be a moment of silence for Taylor at every NFL game this weekend.

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