'I Love You as My Brother, as My Friend'

(By Jonathan Newton -- The Washington Post)
Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"One thing I hope comes out of this is the media getting a small lesson in grace and humility . . . for recklessly speculating that this young man's death was caused by the way he lived. They should be ashamed. The next time . . . they have the inclination to tarnish a reputation again, I hope that they will take a look at Sean Taylor and do it a little differently."

Otis Wallace, the mayor

of Florida City, Fla., where

Taylor's father is police chief

* * *

"Sean didn't lose his life, Sean gave his life. Father, he wasn't in the street, he was home. . . . Sean was making the right decisions. He gave his life making the right decisions."

The Rev. David Peay Sr.

* * *

"It's times like this that make all of us struggle to find the meaning in life. The NFL is proud of Sean Taylor. He loved football and football loved him back. But more important is what he was as a man and what he was becoming as a man."

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

* * *

"Thanks for being a hero and giving your life to protect Jackie and Jackie."

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