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Sunday, December 9, 2007

7:30 p.m., Station 9, U Street NW

Cori: When I got to the restaurant, Tim was already there. The host pointed him out. He was an attractive guy but not totally compelling. He did fit some of what I like -- lanky and dorky -- but I just wasn't feeling the sexual energy. He was maybe too delicate.

Tim: I thought she was put together nicely. She was wearing a low-cut shirt with a jacket over it. She had a nice smile and was definitely in shape.

Cori: They sat us in a booth in the very back corner. I think they thought we might need privacy. Tim said he'd drink wine if I wanted, so I asked if he wanted to get a bottle and/or glasses. He said, "This is our budget," and pointed to our instructions. It was strange that money was his first preoccupation, especially since the [$125] budget is ample.

Tim: I brought that up to say, Let's spend it![I'd] had a big, steak lunch, so I was very full. [But Cori's] lamb dish ended up being small, and [my] chicken dish was huge. She said, "Are you going to eat that?" and we ended up sharing. That was cool. I don't like when girls are weird about food. We both talked about how we're considered the bottomless pits of our friends.

Cori: Maybe I should be more dainty or have better manners, but he wasn't critical of me eating off his plate. He did keep mentioning how full he was, and he barely touched his food. It would be more fun if he had eaten. I like people who enjoy food.

Tim: One of the coolest things that we talked about is that she's studying law. She wants to go into international human rights law. She's done a ton of traveling, much more than I've done.

Cori: He wrote a short story based on a trip he took to Thailand that was published in an anthology. I'd be interested to read it. I like that he's traveled so much, but he seems a little safe about it. I'm a little more adventurous.

Tim: I was a little reserved on our date. It was a Tuesday night in an empty restaurant with someone I'd never met before. [But] I'm willing to take risks. When I went to Greece, I went by myself and just showed up.

Cori: By 9:30, the restaurant was emptying out. Tim said we should go someplace else and have a drink. We went to the upstairs lounge at Marvin, chatted a little bit longer; it was loud, and I was getting tired, so we left. I walked him to the Metro. He said, "I had a really good time, and I would love to call you." I gave him my number. I'd give it a 3.5 [out of 5]. It was better than average, but not much more. I wish it were a total disaster or a total success, because it would be a better story. Maybe if we talk on the phone, we'll have more of a connection.

Tim: I'd give the date a 3. I think we had a nice first date. I'm going to call her this week, and we'll see if it goes anywhere.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

UPDATE: Cori and Tim exchanged e-mails and phone calls, but they haven't scheduled a second date yet. "I'd like to get together again . . . when we're not under the Date Lab microscope," Tim says.

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