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Hands-On With Sprint's Mobile Broadband

I waited a week. During that time, I noticed a $40 charge on my Sprint bill, relating to the broadband service. I called Sprint again. The customer service rep had no record of my fax. I faxed the offer again. This time, I waited on the phone until the rep acknowledged receiving the offer and credited the $40 to my account.

When I later contacted a Sprint spokesperson, I was told that "Sprint honors its current published promotions and advertisements. However, in certain instances a customer care representative may exercise his or her discretion to offer a special credit or adjustment on occasion and depending on the circumstance."

I realize that cellular service providers like Sprint have spent billions building wireless network infrastructures--and they need to recoup those investments. It's only fair.

But they need to make it much easier for consumers like me to give their service a risk-free trial. And while they're at it, they should find a way to let consumers use the service for an hour, a day, or a week and pay based on usage. Sure, they'd lose some of their $60-per-month accounts. But they might gain a lot more customers in the process.

Do you use a cellular broadband service on your laptop? If so, which service do you use, and what do you think of it?Send your comments to me, and please include your name and location.

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