What Gives?

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Anyone who has ever tried to squeeze a cruise ship under the Christmas tree or jam an African safari into a stocking knows how hard it is to buy for the beloved travelers on your list. Indeed, in many cases, it's not just size and scope we must consider, but also the price tag. Sure, we'd all love to surprise our spouse with two round-the-world plane tickets or send our sibling off to a spa in Bali, but c'mon, we have bills to pay, especially the ones we rack up over the holidays.

So we've scoured stores, catalogues and Web sites for travel-related gifts in all price ranges, from under $10 to over $100. The $9.95 HeartWarmer thaws cold hands as well as the $485 cashmere travel blanket; the $9 ski-mountain-themed playing cards are as entertaining as the $299 portable video player. Our picks continue on Pages 6 and 7.

Whichever gifts you choose, we hope the thought behind them makes your recipients' trips even merrier.

-- Andrea Sachs and Christina Talcott

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