Bush Warns Teens of Dangers of Alcohol

The Associated Press
Tuesday, December 11, 2007; 6:13 PM

WASHINGTON -- President Bush encouraged some young recovering addicts on Tuesday to stick with their fight against drugs, citing his own experiences with alcohol years ago.

"Your president made the same kind of choice and I had to quit drinking, and addiction competes for your affection ... you fall in love with alcohol," Bush told the teenagers according to ABC News, which was provided access to some of Bush's behind-the-scenes activities Tuesday.

The teens were on hand for a White House event about combatting teen drug use.

In his public comments, Bush said: "This mission of dealing with drug abuse is worthy of a great people and a great nation. It's a worthy mission. It is a struggle that requires us to confront torment with patience, weakness with understanding, and evil with resolve, hope and love."

Bush decided to quit drinking alcohol after a boozy night in 1986 celebrating his 40th birthday. The president is now 61.

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