Bush Pardons, Commuted Sentence

By The Associated Press
The Associated Press
Tuesday, December 11, 2007; 9:20 PM

-- Those President Bush granted pardons or a commuted sentence:


_ James Albert Bodendieck Sr., of New Athens, Ill., convicted in 1959 of interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle.

_ Jeffrey James Bruce, of Chandler, Okla., convicted in 1994 of possession of stolen mail.

_ Charles Wayne Bryant, of Sautee, Ga., convicted in 1962 of theft of United States mail matter by employee.

_ Carleton Gregory Carpenter, of Wayland, Mass., convicted in 1981 of making a false representation with respect to information required to be kept in the records of a person holding a federal firearms license.

_ John Edward Casto, of Ripley, W.Va., convicted in 1990 of distribution of cocaine.

_ Jackie Ray Clayborn, of Deer, Ark., convicted in 1993 of manufacturing marijuana.

_ Debbie Sue Conklin, formerly known as Debbie Sue McAlevy, of Douglas, Wyo., convicted in 1990 of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

_ Charles Richard Fennell, of Valencia, Calif., convicted in 1995 of false statement to a federally insured financial institution.

_ John Fornaby, of Boynton Beach, Fla., convicted in 1991 of conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

_ Daniel Ray Freeman, of Douglas, Ga., convicted in 1963 of violation of Internal Revenue liquor laws.

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