Caroline Turns 50, And an AARP Cover Girl Is Born

(Courtesy Of Andrea Solarz - Courtesy Of Andrea Solarz)
By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ain't it nifty? Look who's 50! Hard to believe, but Caroline Kennedy is an AARP cover girl. The daughter of JFK and Jackie , immortalized as a little girl in the White House, celebrated her 50th birthday Nov. 27. She marked the milestone by posing for the new issue of AARP magazine and accepting a lifetime membership from the seniors' organization instead of . . . say, freaking out.

"I thought it was really exciting and fun," she said with her trademark no-fuss manner. Her birthday festivities were low-key: a party with friends (where Neil Diamond revealed she was the inspiration for "Sweet Caroline") and a small dinner at home with husband Edwin Schlossberg and kids. (Eldest daughter Rose is a sophomore at Harvard; Tatiana and John still live at home.)

Then it was back to plugging her new book, "A Family Christmas," an anthology of holiday stories and poems.

"I'm always looking for topics families can read together," Kennedy said Monday night at Politics & Prose, where she greeted admirers for two hours, sipped cappuccino and patiently signed hundreds of copies.

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd showed up with six (spoiler alert, Dowd clan!), not counting one she has at home: "My family loves Christmas more than anything," Dowd said.

At the Airport, the Ghost of Christmas Bono

He had the look -- the slicked-back hair, the scruff, the sunglasses at night, the earring. He wore one of those red Gap T-shirts that's supposed to help us save Africa.

And when the crowds at the airport recognized him and started begging for autographs and cellphone pics and hugs, he was just as groovy and agreeable about it as you'd expect.

But no, alas, that was not Bono on Southwest's Flight 1324 from LAX to BWI with a layover in Nashville Monday night.

That was not the world-famous rock-star humanitarian schlepping a guitar case out of baggage claim and waiting for his friend Jerry to pick him up.

The real Bono, we can report, was in New York. And the man at the airport?

"I don't know if he actually claimed to be Bono or if he just let people assume he was," fellow traveler Andrea Solarz said. "I did get an autograph for my niece, but it's just a scribble."

Who is FauxBono? If you know, tell us at

Someone There Is Quite a Card

We were prepared for the Larry Craig Halloween costumes, in all their glorious vulgarity and tastelessness.

We were not at all prepared for the Larry Craig Christmas cards -- or at least this one, which was sent out this week by Federal Strategy Group to 2,000 friends, including "almost every member of Congress," said one of the bipartisan firm's lobbyists, Jason Roe. "I'll let you decide who I might not have sent it to."

Hey, Isn't That . . . ?

* Pat Sajak (dark jeans, black leather jacket) dining Monday night with a woman at a back table at Thai Chili at Verizon Center; the "Wheel of Fortune" host and part-time Annapolis resident, left, is a regular there the nights of most Caps home games.

* John Roberts lunching with four of Antonin Scalia 's law clerks -- their treat -- at Butterfield 9 downtown yesterday. The chief justice had crawfish bisque, risotto, creme brulee.

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