What Mike Huckabee Got Wrong

Saturday, December 15, 2007

WHAT HE GOT WRONG:"If Hillary is the nominee, [the parole of convicted rapist Wayne Dumond] will be as much an issue for her and for her husband as it ever will be for me."

-- Mike Huckabee, "Hannity & Colmes," Fox News Channel, Nov. 15

It is a huge stretch to blame Hillary and Bill Clinton for the tragic case of Dumond, a convicted rapist who murdered a woman in Missouri two years after he was released from an Arkansas prison. Dumond's sentence to life in prison plus 20 years was originally reduced to 39 1/2 years by Bill Clinton's lieutenant governor, Jim Guy Tucker, but he was released from prison while Huckabee was governor. Evangelical Christians accused Clinton of blocking Dumond's release from prison on the grounds that his victim was a distant Clinton relative.

In contrast, Huckabee expressed doubts about Dumond's guilt and announced his intention to commute his sentence to time served shortly after he came into office. He reversed himself after a public outcry but publicly endorsed a January 1997 parole board decision to release Dumond.

-- Michael Dobbs

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