The Best of the Buzz in 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Best of the Buzz in 2007

Every week you send us letters and e-mails for publication, sharing your views and telling us what we have done right and what we should do better. Many more readers choose to comment in another forum: online, where the postings are anonymous and the opinions often more outspoken.

What follows are a few excerpts -- with original spelling and styling largely intact -- from the Web comments our articles prompted in 2007.

Happy New Year -- and please keep writing!

The Editors

The article that probably sparked the most controversy in the past 12 months was by freelance contributor Jason Feifer ["Combat Zone: There's No Neutral Ground in War of Information About Lyme Disease," May 15]. Many of the postings reflected the frustration with mainstream medicine of people who say they suffer from the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.

Pamnc wrote:

"Chronic Lyme may not exist, but after 10 years of being treated for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or being told by many MDs that I was depressed or needed to exercise, I found a doctor who treated me [with] pulsing antibiotics for 2 years. It was difficult treatment at first, but now I am much improved. I have gone from 1995, when I was basically couchbound to today, when I can travel and enjoy life. The majority of my improvement came since 2005 when I began the antibiotics. If it isn't Chronic Lyme . . . then will someone please tell me what it is? It is almost impossible as a patient to fight the illness or even cope with the illness and battle the doctors who do not believe you are really sick, take issue with the medical establishment guidelines and advocate for yourself with the insurance companies."

Kevin4 wrote:

"It is possible for mainstream science to be wrong. It is -- especially -- possible for mainstream science to be wrong when politics, power, and money are injected into the equation . . . as when it taught the earth was flat."

And James B Cole wrote:

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