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Wouldn't It Be Nice...

Wouldn't it be nice to hear Warner Wolf say "let's go to the videotape" one more time on a local TV sportscast?

Wouldn't it be nice to give Dan Patrick credit for world-class guests every day on his new nationally syndicated sports talk show on WTEM? Wouldn't it be nicer if the station carried the show for a full three hours, so we can actually listen to guests promo-ed in the first two hours?

Wouldn't it be nice for WTEM, or any other local station, to find a spot for a comeback of the Dave Feldman/Carol Maloney talk show sadly yanked by WTEM six months after they debuted a smart, sophisticated LOCAL program?

Wouldn't it be nice if the ESPN suits actually listened to and acted on some of the very pertinent criticism directed at the network's news operation by ombudswoman Le Anne Schreiber, a former New York Times sports editor?

Wouldn't it nice to salute the great Andy Ockershausen for being one of the more visionary broadcasting executives in Washington history, even if he also takes credit for discovering Ken Beatrice at WMAL Radio? Andy O. is still going strong as Head Schmoozer and Beloved Semi-Elder Statesman for Comcast SportsNet.

Wouldn't it be nice to hear Beatrice bellow to a caller: "You're Next?" Upon further review, naaaaah.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a comeback of the late, not-always-so-great Washington Post Radio, a noble experiment that simply needed another year or two to figure out the proper formula and have a ratings impact on the market?

Wouldn't it be nice if Charles Barkley could do the pre-game, halftime and post-game shows for every NBA game telecast, and maybe throw in some color analysis in his spare time?

Wouldn't it be nice if those brutal mixed martial arts telecasts were kept off mainstream sports networks forever? Showtime ought to be ashamed.

Wouldn't it be nice if readers responding to this column -- actually over the last year, many of them mixed martial arts proponents -- offered a modicum of civility and the occasional hate mailer at least had the guts to sign their names to their wretched e-mails? Can't we just agree to disagree?

Wouldn't it be nice to say nice job to former Redskins lineman Ray Brown for becoming a voice of reason and good sense on Comcast's Redskins' post-game shows, also well-handled by the always dapper and still delightful Chick Hernandez?

Wouldn't it be nice if Brett Haber gave us his own list of the all-time top ten Redskins in history and stop apologizing for the fans' often bogus picks in a ballyhooed but highly flawed Channel 9 viewer poll? No Bobby Mitchell in the top five? Mark Moseley in the top ten? Oh please.

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