A Few of Their Favorite Things

Friday, December 28, 2007

Our elite crew of bartenders can mix almost anything, but some of them are known for particular libations. Here are three:

"The Spicy Queen is Snow Queen vodka infused with hot Kashmiri chilies and Winesap apples. If they don't like spicy and I give them the Spicy Queen, they're going to freakin' cry."

-- Gina Chersevani

"The Ozzytini, in honor of Ozzy Osbourne. It's Absolut vodka, Chambord and cranberry juice, straight up with a lemon twist. It's served with a plastic bat on the rim of the glass. You get to keep the bat."

-- Jimmy Cirrito

The Blue Light Special, an azure-colored cocktail made with Bombay Sapphire gin, Hpnotiq [a blend of vodka, Cognac and fruit juices], Blue Curacao, sour apple schnapps, peach schnapps and sour mix. It's sweet, tropical and highly potent.

-- Nicole Jones

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