An Inconvenient Year

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Relive the zany antics of Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna

and a cast of thousands in 12 months we need to remember to forget

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It was a year that strode boldly into the stall of human events and took a wide stance astride the porcelain bowl of history.

It was a year in which roughly 17,000 leading presidential contenders, plus, of course,

Dennis Kucinich, held roughly 63,000 debates, during which they spewed out roughly 153 trillion words; and yet the only truly memorable phrase emitted in any political context was, "Dont tase me, bro!"

It was a year filled with bizarre, insane, destructive behavior an alarming amount of which involved astronauts.

In short, 2007 was a year of deep gloom, pierced occasionally by rays of even deeper gloom. Oh, sure, there were a few bright spots:

* Several courageous members of Congress it could be as many as a dozen decided, incredibly, not to run for president.

* O.J. Simpson discovered that, although you might be able to avoid jail time for committing a double homicide, the justice system draws the line at attempted theft of sports memorabilia.

* Toward the end of the year, entire days went by when it was possible to not think about Paris Hilton.

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