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Seven New Taxes, Fees to Help Fund N.Va. Transportation Projects

¿ Sales tax on auto repairs: 5 percent of labor charges.

¿ Regional registration fee: $10 a year.

¿ Initial vehicle registration fee: 1 percent of value (a one-time fee).

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, which collects the taxes, has distributed hundreds of thousands of brochures and information cards through direct mail to businesses and individuals. Additional brochures are being given to businesses, including car dealerships, car rental agencies, hotels and motels, auto repair shops, vehicle inspection stations, settlement companies and real estate agents.

The funds collected will stay in Northern Virginia and will go toward projects to ease traffic congestion throughout the region.

Local government staffs have received comprehensive guides to help them better answer questions about the taxes and fees.

Brochures and a one-panel information card can be found at

Businesses with questions about the collection of the taxes and fees are asked to contact their local government offices.

For more information, go to or

-- Compiled by BOB SAMSOT

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