Sunday, January 6, 2008

Cirque Security, Cont'd

MY HUSBAND and I have been ushering for Cirque du Soleil touring shows in the Washington-Baltimore area since 1988 and want to assure potential patrons that Linda Sittler's experience with security at Kooza [Message Center, Dec. 30] is not the rule.

In our experience, quite a few customers each night drop belongings under their seats and, once alerted, ushers head under the bleachers to retrieve the items. We know firsthand that ushers have returned valuable items to patrons such as engagement rings, purses, coats, umbrellas, cameras, cellphones and purchases from the Cirque store. After the show, ushers often find belongings that we turn in to security if the patrons have left the big top.

Obviously, we cannot speak for Cirque du Soleil security, but we believe that for security and safety reasons, patrons are not allowed back into the site and into the big top. We just wanted patrons to know, from our experience, that lost or dropped personal belongings, once found, are returned to customers.

Barbara and Bill Gordon


Spirit Air

I READ with interest your article on hidden charges with Spirit Airlines [Coming and Going, Dec. 16]. I recently booked a flight and luckily saw about the checked items, so didn't get caught there. However, after I booked and paid for my flight, I learned that I had to pay $10 a bag each way for checked luggage ($5 if I paid before going to the airport). I did not see anywhere on the Web site about having to pay for a checked bag until it was too late.

I was so turned off that I have sworn I will never fly this airline again. I would rather pay a little more and not be worried about how I might be being cheated or charged later. And all for a "low-cost" airway's fare of $465 from National to Fort Lauderdale!

Sharon Covington


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