To go from a star college player to a role player fighting for minutes in the NBA

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Washington Wizards played their 31st game of the season Friday night at Milwaukee. Rookie forward Dominic McGuire played a total of 32 games at Fresno State last season. In addition to adjusting to the more intense schedule, McGuire is learning what it's like to fight for his chance to get into games instead of starring in them.

What is like no longer being "The Man?"

It's strange. It's like I'm back being a freshman all over again when I had to earn my spot [McGuire played his freshman season at California before transferring to Fresno State]. In college, everything ran through me. I handled the ball, shot the ball, whatever. Here, I'm just a rookie trying to figure it all out.

What's the biggest difference between

college and pro ball?

In college, I could wait and get into the flow of the game before really getting aggressive because I knew I was going to get major minutes. Now, I never know if I'm going to get in or how long I'm going to be on the court when I do so it's harder to get into the flow. It's, 'Should I be more aggressive or should I pick my spots and let the game come to me?' That has been difficult.

But you do have a lot more money in your pocket now, right?

Oh, yeah. That's nice. But I do remember saying that if I ever made the NBA and made that kind of money, I wouldn't care how much I was playing. Now that I'm here it's like, 'The money is nice and everything, but I'm sick of sitting at the end of the bench. I just want to play.'

-- Interview by Ivan Carter

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