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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Coach has said time and time again how important his family is to him, and I think this year really took a toll on him and the whole staff. I am just glad we got to finish with a playoff run at the end. He is one of the best to ever coach, and I am proud to have played for him. I always thought he was a good coach and a better person."

Mark Brunell, quarterback

"I'm going to miss Coach Gibbs. I appreciate him giving me all the opportunities he gave me this year. I can really say that he was an instrumental part of me being out here and playing for the Redskins. He had a lot of faith in me."

Stephon Heyer, undrafted rookie tackle

"We had a pretty decent year, and knowing Coach Gibbs is not going to be here next year is kind of shocking to me and other guys. You have to take the bitter with the sweet. We have to find some way to move forward. There's not enough words to say what he's done for this organization, especially for this year. We had a tough year. He just pulled all of us together and brought us closer as a family. He always preached family. That's something that we lived by this season. I think that's why we were successful at the end of the year."

Rock Cartwright, return specialist

"No other guy could have handled it [the death of Sean Taylor and the injuries] as well as Coach Gibbs did. Being the godly man that he is, and the leader, his experience helped this team through our trials this season and also gave us an edge to get ready to perform and do what we did as a team at the end of the season. He prepared us to play when times got tough, and for that, he should be commended."

Pierson Prioleau, safety

"Everybody here has a lot of respect and loves Coach Gibbs for the guy he is and what he's done for this team and what he's done for players. As far as where we go from here, it'll be interesting to see. Obviously, Mr. Snyder has got some decisions to make . . . with personnel and whatnot. I'm sure they've got an idea of where they want to head. We'll embrace it and go from there."

Casey Rabach, center

"I have a lot of love for Coach Gibbs and what he's done. He's given me an opportunity along with a lot of other guys and showed us how to be good people and hard workers. Everybody is a creature of habit and no one really likes change, so it's definitely a surprise. Coach [Gregg] Williams has done a good job. He's a hard worker and he's deserving of a lot of things. It's not my decision, but he's deserving. It would make things easier in the sense of transition, but it is what it is. We're players. We've always got to respond to what we're asked to do."

Khary Campbell, linebacker

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