Three Wise Guys

By Joe Heim, Justin Rude and Dan Zak
Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dear Wise Guys:

On the international space station, what time zone did the astronauts use to ring in 2008?


Dan: The three guys in the space station use Greenwich Mean Time, which allows the greatest amount of business-day overlap between Houston and Moscow (at least, that's why it was originally picked for orbiters). But the Earth revolved into 2008 during the astronauts' slumber, said NASA spokesman Rob Navias. "They were asleep at the time," he said on the phone from Johnson Space Center. "They didn't celebrate."

Really? They didn't want to have the totally rad experience of uncorking champagne in zero gravity?

"If they did, we weren't privy to it."

Dear Wise Guys:

The guy I'm dating never, ever pays me compliments -- he's more of a show rather than tell sort of guy, which usually is fine. But once in a while it would be nice to hear, "Hey, you look really good." How do I get him to do that without asking him directly to pay me more compliments? I have tried complimenting him, but it hasn't worked. I feel weird even bringing this up. Thanks!


Dan: "Kate." I love that name.

Joe: This is such a great question. Thoughtful, well-crafted, touching even.

Justin: You're probably just so beautiful that he thinks you don't need to be told. But show him our answer and tell him to e-mail us his side of the story.

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