Radioactive Reporting

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anita Kumar's Jan. 2 Metro article, "Uranium Lode in Va. is Feared, Coveted," stopped me in my tracks. I suppose I'm in her category of people who fear the implications of Chatham's radioactive deposit.

Kumar's statement that this uranium deposit could "drastically change the nation's reliance on foreign oil" and "supply all of the country's nuclear power plants for about two years" illustrates all that is wrong with U.S. energy policy. Two years' worth of uranium will wean us off foreign oil? The notion that it is worth mining uranium for a scant two years' worth of energy, when the costs to our health and the environment are so high, is absurd.

And how can the General Assembly seriously consider lifting the ban on uranium mining? It's time for the legislature to stand up for Virginia residents rather than cater to companies. And it's time for The Post to report more seriously on energy issues.

-- Kate Watters


The writer is executive director of Crude Accountability, an environmental group that works on oil-related issues in the Caspian region.

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