Don't Honk If You Hate Bicyclists

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On Sunday, I was part of a group of bicyclists on MacArthur Boulevard when a car occupied by two older people came up behind us with its horn blaring. A woman was practically hanging out the window and yelling indignantly, "Get on the bike path!"

Anyone who has driven MacArthur on a weekend knows that bikes are commonplace on the road. The aging miscreants in this car were on a vigilante mission. Any cyclist will tell you it happens all too regularly.

The truth is that it is legal for bicyclists to use most roads in our area. But leaning on the horn and yelling out the window as you pass a cyclist is not legal. Bicyclists who abuse the laws of the road embarrass me, but there is no excuse for this kind of harassment.

Drivers, cyclists and pedestrians should make a greater effort to co-exist peacefully and obey the laws of the road.



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