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Bill Clinton has been hitting the campaign trail for his wife.
Bill Clinton has been hitting the campaign trail for his wife. (By Elise Amendola -- Associated Press)
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Friday, January 18, 2008

Campaigning for his wife, Bill Clinton has taken a frequently combative stance against her main opponent, Sen. Barack Obama. A look at some of his recent comments:

"Is it more important to have somebody who is basically by his very nature a compelling, incredibly attractive, highly intelligent symbol of transformation, or is it more important to have somebody who also would symbolize change by being the first woman president, but has actually done incredible numbers of different things to change other people's lives?"

Dec. 14, the "Charlie Rose" show

"She's got a good vision for the future, she's got good plans to implement that vision, and she knows how to turn the vision and those plans into specific, concrete changes in people's lives."

Dec. 17, South Carolina

"There's a great deal of difference between a good vision and a good plan and being able to change your lives. She's the best at that."

Dec. 18, Davenport, Iowa

"One candidate says, 'You should vote for me because I've not been involved at all in the struggles of the past and therefore we need to turn over a new leaf and [try] something absolutely new.' And if you want the feeling of change, then that is the person you should support. ..... The other candidate says, 'Vote for me because I spent a lifetime making change, raising hopes and fulfilling dreams for other people.'."

Jan. 16, Sparks, Nev.

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