Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trip Planner 2008

AFTER READING your article ["Usual Suspects Head for Casablanca," Jan. 13], I want to know: Would you please ask Ms. Melanson and Ms. Ferrell if I could please, please join them on their trip to Morocco? You made it sound fantastic.

I went to Egypt last year and have always wanted to go to Morocco, but my family always pooh-poohs me. I'm saving your article; each day sounds better than the last. And the price!

Elizabeth Barbee


I TAKE ISSUE with your advice to the Cox family regarding their Hawaiian itinerary ["Now Only Three, a Family Moves On," Jan. 13].

Long gone are the days when it was necessary to fly from a neighbor island back to Oahu to get a flight to the mainland. Even though the interisland flights are short, it's still time-consuming to return your rental car, check your baggage, go through security and, when arriving, get your baggage and rental car on the next island. Time better spent on the beach, etc. The Big Island and Maui (as well as Kauai) all have flights to the mainland.

Regarding the shrimp trucks on Oahu's North Shore, I highly recommend Giovanni's white shrimp truck and their garlic shrimp.

Carol Rife

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