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He paints, she pots. Can the artistic connection and a couple of kisses lead to more?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

7:30 P.M., Bazin's on Church, Vienna

Jack: I stopped on the way to get her a rose. When I got to the register, the girl said, "Smart move."

Beth: I got [to the restaurant] at about 7:15. A man came out, and he was smoking, and I thought, Please don't let it be him. Then I went inside and said I was with Date Lab, and [Jack] stood up. He was very good-looking. [Normally,] I don't care for facial hair. But it worked on him. And I was so glad he wasn't the smoker that it didn't matter.

Jack: I thought she was cute, right off the button. She's got a great smile.

Beth: He was very gentlemanly, pulling out my chair and helping me with my coat. And the rose made a very nice first impression. He's an artist. Within 30 seconds that came up, and I thought, Oh, this is why they hooked us up. We were talking for a while before we realized we didn't even have menus.

Jack: She owns a pottery gallery. It's not like we're kindred spirits -- [we do] two different things -- but there is a connection. She respects artists. [Then] we were talking about our past dating experiences and how some guy had broken her heart. She was animated and funny about it. She said, "He stomped on it and beat it," and gave this pouty look. I said, "You poor baby." We were playful with each other. [And] she was charming those waiters. She said to [one,] "I'll be done at 10:30, how about you?" After about the first 20 minutes, I wanted to give her a kiss.

Beth: We had a good time [taking the Date Lab photos]. He took his napkin out and put it up over his face like a little bandit. I like somebody who doesn't take life so seriously. There was chemistry there.

Jack: She touched me several times. I'm a smart old guy. I know that if a woman touches you, she's trying to make a connection. At some point, we came to the discussion of age. I said, "How old do you think I am?" She says 55, and I said no. She said 56. No. She said, "You're not 60, are you?" I said, "No, I'm 64."

Beth: I was very surprised. He just didn't look it. If someone had told me his age ahead of time, I would have said no, probably not [to the date]. But I've met guys who are 50 and looked older than he does.

Jack: At the end of the evening, we stood up to get [more] pictures, and I turned her around and looked at her for a second. She kind of pushed her lips out for a kiss. It was all very natural.

Beth: They had some salsa music playing, so we were sort of goofing around, dancing. [Then] we looked around, and everyone was gone. It was close to 11. He walked me to my car, and there was a very nice goodnight kiss. [But] we weren't making out in the street. We have a little dignity. I would [rate the date] a 5 [out of 5]. It was one of the best times I've had on a blind date.

Jack: It was a 4.75, very close to a 5. I'm planning on calling her.

Interviews by Christina Breda Antoniades

UPDATE: Jack says the next day he had "this warm and fuzzy feeling." They've planned date number two -- a visit to her gallery and dinner.

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