Wednesday, January 23, 2008

'Surf's Up,' 'Ratatouille' Among Oscar Nominees

Penguins that surf, a rat that cooks and an Iranian girl growing up in the midst of a revolution will compete for the Academy Award for best animated feature film of 2007.

Nominations for 25 awards, also called Oscars, were announced yesterday. PG-rated "Surf's Up," G-rated "Ratatouille" and PG-13-rated "Persepolis" were nominated for best animated feature.

More than 6,000 people involved in the movie business will vote on who receives the awards, which will be presented Feb. 24.

Shutter Bugs

Until now, it was thought that only two photos existed of Abraham Lincoln's second inauguration. But an alert viewer of Library of Congress photo negatives has helped researchers discover three additional images of that wet Saturday in March 1865.

The images show the crowd gathered at the Capitol for the swearing-in. The negatives had been misidentified as showing the inauguration of Ulysses S. Grant and a review of the troops that fought in the Civil War.

A Change in Climate

A tropical rainforest in France?

Some scientists think that might have been true some 55 million years ago.

The surprising news is based on a study of some fossilized sticky tree sap, called amber, near Paris, France. The amber came from a type of tree that today is found only in the Amazon rainforest.

As a result, scientists think that 55 million years ago the area we know as France must have had a hot, balmy climate. The study was published this month by the American Chemical Society.

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