Chat Plus: Rum Cake

Chat Plus: Rum Cake

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Rum Cake: Hubby has requested a rum cake. I usually (gasp!) use a boxed yellow cake mix, toasted nuts and Bacardi once out of the oven. Any other ideas on this one?

Bonnie S. Benwick: Don't gasp on our account. We asked expert baker Rose Levy Beranbaum, who surprised us by saying that rum cake made from scratch might not turn out as moist as one that starts with a box mix.

"The emulsifiers and oil work much better than butter," she says. She hasn't made one using your method, but she reports that last year she tasted a chocolate version that was "fabulous" and not as cloyingly sweet as the yellow-cake kind. So maybe you could substitute a chocolate cake box mix. (Looks like there are a couple of Bacardi Double-Chocolate Rum Cake recipes online at, and there are three kinds of prepared Bacardi rum cake, including a chocolate one, available for purchase online at

If you want to try one from scratch, we've added two archived Food section recipes to the Recipe Finder: Search for Key West Rum Cake and Laurel's Banana Rum Cake With Rum Syrup at http:///recipes.

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