Third Reactor Envisioned at Lusby

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Constellation Energy, the Baltimore-based company that aims to build a third nuclear reactor at its generating plant in Calvert County, said Tuesday that federal regulators are moving ahead in evaluating the proposal, even as the company indicated it would shift focus to New York if delays develop in Maryland.

"Ideally, we would like to break ground for a new reactor in Southern Maryland in late 2008," said Michael J. Wallace, executive vice president of Constellation Energy.

The company wants to build at least four so-called evolutionary power reactors, known as EPRs, in the United States and has indicated that Calvert County would be first. But Wallace said the company also is "prepared to proceed with the first EPR at our Nine Mile Point nuclear plant location in New York."

A third reactor would be a major development for Calvert. For three decades, the Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant has produced energy on the Chesapeake Bay shore near Lusby. Calvert residents and most of their political leaders consider the nuclear power plant to be safe and a source of jobs and tax revenue.

Constellation said a third reactor at Lusby could be operating by 2015.


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