Thursday, February 7, 2008

For many area residents, the daily commute is such an accepted routine that the question is less "Do you have one?" than "How long is it?" Some extreme commuters even bypass complaining about their two-hour drives and brag instead about unrecognizable Zip codes and double-digit acreage.

But even regular old stuck-on-the-highway commuters can use a little help with cool car stuff for their homes away from home.

To keep the road rage at bay, start off with the right ambiance, the sweet smell of a fresh-brewed cuppa joe from an Accoutrements air freshener. Hang it from your rearview mirror and keep on truckin'.

If the family ride is also a movable office, throw your laptop and files into Go Office's Auto Exec Mobile Desk. Just strap a seat belt around it and roll out. For the iPod and BlackBerry, there's's Cell Phone Cup. It fits handily into a console cup holder.

Since everyone knows stoplights are really timed grooming opportunities, why not stash your makeup in Secco's stylish "On the Road" model, made from recycled car tire rubber? If there's time, plug RoadPro's 12-volt curling iron into the lighter socket for a quick defuzz before the 9 a.m. meeting. (We are not encouraging all you car-bound flossers, tooth brushers and nose inspectors. We can see you, so just stop.)

And for those who want a better view, Brookstone's got your sentimental streak covered with its three-inch digital picture frame for a slideshow of family photos that can be mounted on the dashboard. It'll be a reminder of what's waiting for the tired road warrior back at home.

-- Jill Hudson Neal

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