Lift for the legs: the DVT Buster in action.
Lift for the legs: the DVT Buster in action. (From George Chamberlain)
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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Way to Go

JUST WANTED to pass along congrats on a great, informative section ["Way to Go," Feb. 3]. A keeper. Also, the section a few weeks ago where you helped readers plan their trips. Great feature.

Sigita Clark

Great Falls

IN YOUR PIECE on last-minute airline deals, you mention that airlines are trying hard to fill empty seats. That reminded me of a recent trip, a completely full direct United flight from Las Vegas to Dulles. I was amazed at the Herculean efforts of the flight crew to get everyone's luggage stored on the plane. Since it was raining, they said they did not want to have to check the excess luggage. They opened already full overhead bins and handed back stored luggage to seated passengers (including me).

There was a lot of grumbling about that exercise. One passenger complained that he only had one carry-on, and why was he required to store it under the seat in front of him?

So, where and how do we draw the line between the convenience for some of carrying on their luggage and the space needs of the rest of the passengers? Is the time spent going to retrieve checked luggage really that critical? Or, as with Ryanair, are we moving toward a time when carrying on all your luggage is the norm?

It seems improbable that we can continue on this path of more-cramped seating, more-crowded flights and a move to everyone carrying on their luggage.

Jay Crowley

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