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Writers Guild Bigwigs See a Happy Ending

But Bowman insisted the turning point in the talks was the strike-caused shutdown of the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in January: "Once they realized the creative community was united" and that the writers had the backing of the Screen Actors Guild, the producers realized that "without creative talent in this town, you can't produce anything."

Asked whether he thought the Screen Actors Guild would strike when its contract comes up in June, Verrone said, "No part of this industry wants a second strike. Our hope is they will be able to resolve [a new contract] without a strike, but . . . they have both the wind at their back from what we got, and also they've got the leverage of an industry that just went through a 3 1/2 -month strike" -- the pain of which, he said, might not show up on the studio's fourth-quarter 2007 earnings "but will become much more clear and evident this quarter and next."

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Monday and Tuesday, USA cable network once again will telecast the annual two-night Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show competition from New York City.

Millions of dog fanciers will watch picture-perfect purebreds with lame names such as Felicity's Diamond Jim, Rocky Top's Sundance Kid and Kan-Point's VJK Autumn Roses compete to win best in show.

Only this year, after Monday's portion of the competition, an ad produced by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals will run on the network, PETA told The TV Column.

"Buy One, Kill One" targets dog breeding -- which, of course, the Westminster show promotes.

The spot depicts a picture-perfect family that just bought a picture-perfect purebred puppy from a breeder.

The breeder tells the Picture-Perfects their puppy will be ready in three weeks.

Then he hands them a body bag.

"Here's the dog you just killed," the smiling breeder tells the Picture-Perfects.

"Oh, my God!" gasps Picture-Perfect Mom.

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