The People's Talking Points

(Nick Craine - Nick Craine for The Washington Post)
By Washington Post Staff Writers
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A collection of presidential primary chatter heard around the region.

Langley High School, McLean, Va.

"Everyone is into Ron Paul -- his extreme politics," says Jillian "Jam" Mowery, 17, a senior at Langley High School.

"He's anti-government. People our age hate the cops mostly," says Meg Starcher, 18, also a senior at Langley.

"Basically they are against anybody who controls them," says Mowery. "People are really into his appearance. He's this cute, little old man you fall for. It's not the stereotypical look of a president."

"But a bunch of people are into Obama," says Starcher.

"They wear 'Barack and Roll' T-shirts," says Mowery.

The girls are sitting in a coffee shop in McLean. Outside, the wind is blowing something fierce, the temperature has dropped 30 degrees in a matter of hours. The night is black. The deep-purple velvet chairs inside the shop are inviting. So there sit Mowery, in a blue pea coat, and Starcher, in a purple Fall Out Boy T-shirt, talking politics with the bright eyes of youth.

"So it's all Obama. But there are some Clinton supporters. The feminist girls in school are totally into Hillary Clinton. Like, Hannah, she's very spirited. Into feminine rule. They are so into the fact they can vote for a woman. She's winning over all the --

"Cheerleaders!" says Starcher, cutting off Mowery.

"Yes, a lot of our cheerleaders are very, very into Hillary. We talk a lot about it in government class. They are over the top about it. They are like 'Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!' "

-- DeNeen L. Brown

Salshelvis Dominican Salon, Downtown Silver Spring

At the Sashelvis Dominican Salon in Silver Spring on a Friday morning, Phyllis Harris, 67, a retired sales associate, holds court. A stylist slides a skinny curling iron in and out of her hair, bumping waves into her short, cropped do.

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