Clinton Says Nothing About Losses

Presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) addresses her supporters from El Paso, Tx. after Tuesday's Potomac primary election results filter in. Video by AP
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

EL PASO, Feb. 12 -- As news of her triple defeat in the Potomac Primary sank in, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did what has become a specialty in recent weeks: She headed someplace else.

After flying from Virginia to Texas for a rally on Tuesday night, Clinton did not publicly acknowledge, even in passing, that three significant primaries had taken place that day and her campaign had not issued a statement hours after results were announced.

Clinton has made a habit of ignoring contests she loses. On Monday, she cited Louisiana's large African American population in explaining her defeat there. At other times, her campaign has suggested the results of caucuses in general should be discounted.

But on Tuesday, she did not even do that much.

"You know, there's a great saying in Texas -- you've all heard it. 'All hat and no cattle,' " Clinton told a large audience here. "Well, after seven years of George Bush, we need a lot less hat and a lot more cattle."

She continued, in an apparent swipe at both President Bush and Sen. Barack Obama, the candidate gaining momentum in the Democratic race: "Texas needs a president who actually understands what it's going to take to turn the economy around, to get us universal health care."

When Clinton mentioned having differences with Obama over health care and the mortgage crisis, she was booed. Her comments continued past 9:30 p.m. Eastern time, as the polls in Maryland closed and the race was called for Obama, but in the giant arena, with a crowd her campaign estimated at 12,000, it seemed as though the defeat had not happened.

"It's the first day of the Texas campaign," said Doug Hattaway, a campaign spokesman.

-- Anne E. Kornblut

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