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Blog Watch

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Our pi cks to click this week:

Patricia Gray ( posts on the color orange, calling it "mentally stimulating" and worth considering for a dining room, library or child's room. Need a little more convincing? Check out the interiors that accompany this post and you, too, may feel the need to lacquer your ceiling the color of a Hermes box.

On Cote de Texas (, the color of choice is blue. Blue opaline, that is. It's an antique, hand-blown glass from France. Though blue is the most popular color of opaline, according to the blog, the glass can be found in green, white, pink and red. The rarest color of all: lemon. Read a brief history and see lots of fabulous photos, including the blogger's own opaline collection. "One piece is just as beautiful as a hundred pieces are," the blogger writes.

Terri Sapienza

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