Sunday, February 17, 2008

Alaskan Refuge

I WANT TO compliment Paula Stone for her terrific article on Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ["No Roads, No Regrets," Feb. 10]. It was compelling, clear and interesting. By personalizing it the way she did -- with the hilarious anecdote about the tent-assembly rehearsals in her yard, the admissions of her anxieties and the inconveniences, the references to her husband -- she made it read as if she were talking to me face to face. And as she described it, it was obviously a helluva trip.

It was just about the best travel article I've ever read.

Michael Weinreb


HAVING VISITED the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, I was moved by Paula Stone's evocative story about its special, even sacred, nature. But her frequent use of the acronym "ANWR" unwittingly mimics the oil industry's talking points, which refuse to call it what it is in an attempt to trivialize its magnificence.

Mark Van Putten


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