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Border Fence Would Slice Through Private Land

Fred Garcia thinks it would be enough to maintain the beefed-up Border Patrol presence that he has noticed in the region since Sept. 11, 2001.

"Every time I come out here, they're on me in minutes," he said.

As if on a cue, a white sport-utility vehicle with the Border Patrol's distinctive green stripe loomed in the rearview mirror, lights flashing. In the distance, three more SUVs converged, and several men stepped out, wearing uniforms of the National Guard, which has supplemented the Border Patrol over the past year.

Nydia stopped the car and rolled down her window as an agent walked up.

"Hi there," he said, leaning into the window. "May I ask what you're doing here?"

"This is my property," she answered.

"Really? All of this?"

"Yup," she said, a slight edge creeping into her voice. "All of this is my property."

As the officer strolled away, Fred rolled his eyes.

"My God, what's next," he said. "Are we going to have to bring our passports every time we come back here?"

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