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The TV Week article incorrectly said that Pete Seeger wrote "Little Boxes." Seeger performed the song, but Malvina Reynolds wrote it.
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Pete Seeger, a Force of Nature

Written by Huddie Ledbetter, Pete Seeger, Fred Hellerman, Ronnie Gilbert and Lee Hays.Published by TRO - Folkways Music Publishers, Inc. (BMI)Audio courtesy Helene Blue Musique Ltd., Earth Music Productions, LLC

The film biography includes interviews with musicians such as Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie and Bruce Springsteen, as well as family members.

Toshi and Pete Seeger will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary in July, and he attributes the long marriage to her "being patient with me for decades," he said.

"It's a family joke that Toshi has always said, 'If only Peter had chased women instead of chasing causes, I'd have an excuse to leave him,'" Seeger said.

But, as Pete's brother John says in the film, "Toshi enabled Pete to be Pete and to play all over the United States while she brought up children."

Regrets? Seeger says he has "millions of them -- stupid things I've done here and there." His criticism of the PBS tribute is that it "didn't show any of the stupid things I've done."

Director Jim Brown has known Seeger for a long time, said Susan Lacy, executive producer of the "American Masters" series, and Brown wasn't trying to make a totally balanced film. "That's not meant in a negative way," she said. "It's just that Pete Seeger is such a principled idealist, such a good man."

Of the many things he's done, Seeger said he's proudest of being able to get people singing together.

"I don't just like to sing songs [by myself] but like to get crowds singing along," Seeger said. Remembering one of his concerts at New York's Lincoln Center, he said, "you'd be surprised how good 5,000 people can sound."


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