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Sunday, February 24, 2008

7:30 p.m., Del Merei Grille, Alexandria

Kristin: I got to the restaurant right at 7:30. There was no real waiting area, so the hostess sat me at the table. Nate came in a minute later. He's very attractive; definitely looks like an athlete. Right away, I thought we were matched up because of our running.

Nate: She was sitting, so I could only see her face. She was very pretty. Later, I was surprised at how tall she was. In heels, she'd be taller than I am. From a physical perspective, that was the only drawback.

Kristin: We ordered some wine and looked over the menu. I asked him if he runs. He said yes. We both ran the Chicago Marathon in the fall, and he ran it in under three hours. He was really nice about it. Some runners who are really good are really arrogant. I said, "I could never run with you because you'd leave me in the dust." He said: "No, it's fun to run with other people. You just have to adjust your pace."

Nate: It's nice that we're both passionate about running. I was impressed. We got into topics like nutrition, recovery, marathons. But we both realized at some point that all we were talking about was running. So then we talked about movies and music, family, where are you from, that kind of stuff.

Kristin: He has a daughter, and he talked about her. He was really sweet. He seems like a good dad. He spends a lot of time with her.

Nate: I have a 6-year-old daughter. I've been on dates where women have been turned off by [that] fact. Kristin wasn't at all. I even showed her pictures.

Kristin: After dinner, the restaurant started getting quiet. We decided to go have another drink and each drove to Evening Star. They have an upstairs bar, and we had a few more drinks. If there was a lull in conversation, we went back to running. I'm talkative, and he was very relaxed.

Nate: We started off on such a good thing [with the running]. It was really easy to transition to other interests. She has a lot of positive energy. That was super attractive to me. [And] it was cool that she's about my age. In the last year or so, I've dated a few younger women. We can both say, "I love the '80s," because that's when we were in high school. There was none of that "Jay-Z who?" stuff.

Kristin: It was about midnight, and the bartender started putting the stools on the bar, so we decided to head out. We walked to our cars. He asked for my phone number and e-mail, and we hugged goodbye.

Nate: The date was absolutely a 5 [out of 5]. I had a great time. Could we take this further? Absolutely. Is it possible that nothing ever comes out of it? Maybe. There's a lot going on in my life. I dedicate a lot of time to work and my daughter and running. But I want a relationship. I'm going to be optimistic.

Kristin: I don't want someone who is like, "We're perfect," and is calling me all the time right away. I'm looking for someone who has their own life and wants someone to do fun things with. We had a lot in common. He's athletic, professional and really nice. I think there was chemistry. The date was definitely a 5. I'd love to see him again.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

UPDATE: Nate and Kristin e-mailed, but, with Nate moving and traveling for business, they've made no plans to see each other yet.

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