The Veil at the Archives

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Feb. 8 editorial "Clinton Records Watch" sought to explain why Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's White House papers could not be released by the National Archives "at the snap of a finger." It turns out that rather than snapping its fingers, the Archives has sat on its hands.

After seven years, the Archives has released few significant records, instead responding to requests for documents about "Unidentified Flying Objects," among other frivolous topics.

Almost two years after we requested access to the records of the health-care task force, the Archives has not released any documents and refuses to offer an estimate as to when it might begin to release these records. We may not see any such records for years if the Archives gets its way in our pending litigation. Ms. Clinton's office schedules would not now be on the verge of release but for one of our other lawsuits.

The public's "right to know" is poorly served by the unlawful failure to release these records in a timely way. We do not seek special treatment; we ask that the Archives comply with the law.

Shame on The Post for endorsing government inaction that has the effect of helping Ms. Clinton on the eve of primary contests.



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