Coming-of-Age Hand-Me-Downs

Anton Yelchin in
Anton Yelchin in "Charlie Bartlett": Now who does he remind you of? (Ken Woroner - AP)
Sunday, February 24, 2008

If moments in the movie "Charlie Bartlett" feel freakily familiar, there is a reason: The comedy about a high schooler-turned- psychiatrist swipes heavily from memorable teen movies of yore. See if you can identify all the coming-of-age homages (and no, Spicoli, we're not grading on a curve).

1. Charlie, our enterprising troublemaker, gets kicked out of boarding school and later helps to produce a student play. The offbeat hero in what 1998 film had the same experiences?

2. Charlie lives in an ostentatious home with a wealthy mom who is oblivious to his angst, and he has a fondness for Cat Stevens's "If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out." This mirrors what 1971 film?

3. Charlie dances around his house in a pair of tighty-whities and dons a pair of Wayfarers. The sunglasses-and-undies look was popularized in what 1983 hit?

4. When Charlie begins holding counseling sessions, he becomes the most popular kid in school, adored by every clique. What other teen cinema icon sparked a universal lovefest? (Hint: Motorheads, geeks, sluts, wastoids . . . they all thought he was a righteous dude.)

5. During his first day at school, new-boy Charlie sits down at a lunch table, prompting students all around him to flee. This happened in what other teen movie?

-- Jen Chaney


1. "Rushmore" 2. "Harold and Maude" 3. "Risky Business" 4. Ferris Bueller 5. Um, virtually every one ever made?

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