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For Two Sisters, Little Cakes Are a Big Hit

So the sisters must be doing something just right.

On the shop's second day of business, Gallagher and two other Georgetown University seniors formed a line outside the small bakery more than an hour before its 11 a.m. start; the line grew to 10 by the time the bakery opened. They were hoping to avoid the chaos and disappointment that had befallen dozens of would-be customers a day earlier, when LaMontagne and Kallinis could not keep up with demand and had to close -- twice -- for several hours to bake and decorate more cupcakes.

Gallagher, 22, had missed out the day before, but her friend Caitlin Kelly, 22, of New York had been luckier. "Amazing," said Kelly, who was wearing pajamas under her coat. "Worth the wait. I had a red velvet yesterday, and it was delectable."

She's right. While CakeLove's are often too dry, and other bakery versions seem more like muffins in their density and size, these are great cupcakes, with a moist crumb. The slightly domed cake is on the diminutive side, putting it in perfect ratio to the not-too-sweet frosting, which is sometimes piped in a beehive shape.

LaMontagne and Kallinis tell of a man who stepped out of the crowd that first day and announced he was interested in buying the business. He has since returned and watched as cupcakes fly out the door. The sisters prefer not to disclose his name or the company he represents or to say whether they would, in fact, sell the place. Things are moving fast.

"It was always my dream to open a cupcake shop. Baking is my passion," Kallinis says. For now, "we just want to be tucked away in a corner -- a little neighborhood bakery."

This despite the fact that the siblings have registered the Web domain names for Dupont Cupcake, Kalorama Cupcake, Capitol Hill Cupcake, Chevy Chase Cupcake and Clarendon Cupcake. Stay tuned.

Georgetown Cupcake, 1209 Potomac St. NW, 202-333-8448,

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