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Bush Aide Resigns Over Plagiarism

In her statement, Perino said Goeglein worked to promote Bush's Supreme Court nominees and to advance his "faith-based initiative," among other matters.

Hubartt said in an interview that he learned of the plagiarism when the paper's editorial page editor read Nall's blog and brought it to his attention. He said Goeglein's guest columns generally did not focus on news or politics but on "things he was interested in," such as music, the arts and reminiscences. He said Goeglein was not paid for his columns and did not have any obvious political agenda in writing them.

"He likes to write," Hubartt said. "He likes to express himself." He described Goeglein as a "flowery writer" who liked to contribute to the News-Sentinel "because we're the conservative newspaper in town" and because he enjoyed reading it when he was growing up.

Yardley was identified in Nall's blog as the source of material that Goeglein lifted for a November 2007 essay about Hoagy Carmichael, the renowned composer from Bloomington, Ind. Yardley wrote about Carmichael's 1946 memoir, "The Stardust Road," in The Post's Style section in September 2007.

Yardley, a Pulitzer Prize-winning critic and author of six books, said he learned of the plagiarism Friday from a reporter in Indiana. "The old saying is that plagiarism is the highest form of flattery," he said in summarizing his reaction.

He said he has noticed that "there's been a lot more of this stuff" in recent years. The Internet has made it easy to gain "access to material from around the world" and to "match up passages from one piece and another," he said.

Hubartt said he will have a column in the Saturday edition of the afternoon newspaper explaining the matter to readers and underscoring the paper's commitment to honesty and integrity. In an article posted on the newspaper's Web site, he said that "we will not publish writings by Goeglein in the future."

Branigin reported from Washington.

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