What Is Zipcar?

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Since 2001, Washingtonians have been turning to Zipcar (and Flexcar, which recently merged with the company) for a fast, relatively easy way to get around in a pinch. Drivers, who pay $50 annually, pick up and drop off Zipcars at designated parking spots.

Some things to know:

* Drivers pay by the hour or day; prices start at $9 an hour/$67 a day, though rates will increase March 14.

* The Zipcar fee includes gas (a credit card comes in every car for mid-trip fueling) and insurance.

* Drivers can use 180 miles the first day, then 20 miles per hour each additional day, up to 180 miles per 24-hour period. Overage charges are 35 cents a mile for most cars, 45 cents for premium cars.

* Members can rent cars in numerous cities, including Atlanta, Chicago and Seattle. Outside the country, you can rent a Zipcar in London, Toronto and Vancouver, B.C.

For more info, call 866-494-7227 or visit http://www.zipcar.com.

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