A Warped Lens on D.C. Party Scene

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, March 5, 2008

After several months of calm, hostilities have flared once again in Young D.C.'s own version of Omegas vs. Delta House. It all went down at a super-swank party, where preppy Web entrepreneur/"Late Night Shots" founder Reed Landry allegedly accosted bohemian It Girl/Wonkette videographer Liz Glover-- and broke her camera.

LNS, an online "social network" catering to a certain Georgetown post-frat scene, has long traded jabs with the left-leaning snarkers at Wonkette.com. But Glover, who joined the political blog last summer, said she was largely unaware of the feud when she was invited to cover Washington Life's party celebrating its ranking of D.C.'s young social elite. (Landry made the list; Glover didn't, though big sis/GOP lobbyist Juleanna did.)

Glover was snapping partygoers with her infamous Barbie Polaroid when, she says, Landry, a fellow guest, blocked her way and demanded she stop. "I was like, who are you to say I can't take their pictures?" she told us. She says she backed off but whenever they crossed paths again, "he got really belligerent."

Later, she ran into Angela Valdez, author of a critical City Paper article last summer on LNS, who had just had a similar encounter. ("I just wanted to say hi so maybe we could not be enemies, and he started yelling at me to get away from him.") Fortified by a cocktail or two, Glover decided to take Valdez over to Landry and get a comment for her video. As soon as they got near, Glover says, Landry "just grabbed my camera and grabbed my arm. He twisted the whole thing -- the little screen that flips out. . . . I didn't realize until I got home how badly broken it was."

Landry did not respond to our repeated phone and e-mail messages yesterday. Glover's disjointed video-- with a fleeting image of a man resembling Landry slapping the camera's lens before it goes dark -- was posted on Wonkette late Monday . . . uh, nearly five weeks after the Jan. 31 confrontation. Why the delay?

"I had been deliberating over what to do," Glover told us. She said she conferred with police and lawyers about pressing charges but decided against it, saying she didn't want "a silly, alcohol-fueled incident to mar Reed's record." Instead she hopes Landry will accept her olive branch -- and pay for her camera's repair.

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

¿ Christy Turlington lunching at the Monocle on Capitol Hill yesterday. The supermodel (all black from head to toe, pulled-back hair) was in town lobbying for the humanitarian group CARE; the guy-heavy lunch crowd fell silent and stared as she walked through.

¿ Gilbert Arenas bowling a few frames at Lucky Strike in Chinatown on Monday night -- the eve of his return to practice -- for a Wizards fundraiser with season ticket holders. How'd the fast-healing superstar (beige plaid dress shirt, dark jeans) fare with a much heavier ball? We're told he didn't keep score. Hmpf! Also there: Coach Eddie Jordan, Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, who shot pool.

¿ Paul Sorvino, crossing the street at Fourth and Mass NE yesterday with a small entourage. The veteran character actor (dark suit with a sheen, no tie, burgundy shirt and pocket square, strangely dark hair, tan face) was here lobbying about horse slaughter (he's against).

The Source Quote

" Keith Richards is timeless and ageless. He's lived his life on the edge, but he's not a sleazebag. He's lean and mean and he's still current."


The leathery new face of Louis Vuitton.

-- A Louis Vuitton exec on why the luxury leather-goods brand tapped the 64-year-old Rolling Stones guitarist to star in its magazine and billboard ads. Apparently it has nothing to do with his resemblance to the luggage.

It's Good to Be the Queen

The instructions at yesterday's International Women's Day tea: Brainstorm about ways to empower women. Instead, we did what we always do when Jordan's Queen Rania, right, is in the house: Stare at the gorgeous 37-year-old, try to figure out how she looks 10 years younger, check her outfit (black belted sweater, tweed skirt). Rania lunched earlier with the president and Laura Bush, then dropped by the tea at the St. Regis Hotel, charmed women activists (Vital Voices chair Melanne Verveer, UN Foundation's Kathy Bushkin Calvin), and gave a funny and gracious speech.

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