Thursday, March 6, 2008

Daylight saving time, that sly fox, is nearly here again. We all love the idea of springing forward, which happens Sunday -- until we remember that hour of lost sleep. Bummer! But look on the bright side. Spring's silver lining happens to be a cool stretch of sunnier days. And, with most New Year's resolutions dead and buried, DST can be (another) new beginning for a more active life.

So grab a double latte and shake off those winter blues, people! Let Brookstone's fun oval-shaped alarm clock do its wobble-and-buzz best to get you out of bed and out of doors. Or, with longer days, how about throwing on Puma's chunky-soled patent leather "Spadrille" skimmer shoe and taking the dog out for his evening walk? Slip into lululemon athletica's "Shape" jacket with jeans, skinny pants or a to-the-knee denim skirt and be the coolest creature in the park.

The lead-up to beach season is suddenly here, too -- time to get back into the swing of regular workouts. Squeeze in a round of golf at a local public course or private club, shoot some hoops with the kids or co-workers. Try channeling your inner Venus or Serena with Wilson's Hope tennis racket and balls; a portion of the proceeds of both go toward breast cancer research.

For that prototypically D.C. after-work pastime -- a brisk stroll (or a jog) along the Mall -- tuck Sportline's ThinQ Pedometer into your pocket before you head out. If your goal is a beach-ready body before Memorial Day weekend, walking 10,000 steps every day will help bring back that six-pack of yore. (We hope.)

-- Jill Hudson Neal

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