Nancy Mellon adds to the Knit Knot Tree in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
Nancy Mellon adds to the Knit Knot Tree in Yellow Springs, Ohio. (By Skip Peterson -- Associated Press)
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

An Art-Warming Story

How cold is it in Yellow Springs, Ohio? So cold that a pear tree in the village is wearing a sweater.

Actually, it's an art project that has knitters coming to town and adding to the growing sweater. Some of the panels have pockets that children like to peek in to see what's inside.

Yellow Springs isn't alone in this community craze: Knitters around the country are dressing trees, signs, benches, door handles and other objects.

Last month, residents of Columbus, Indiana, knitted cozies for 33 trees lining their main street. In Houston, Texas, park benches and telephone poles have been covered in warm yarn, but it can't be because of the weather; temperatures in the mid-70s are expected this week.

Pop Goes the Record

In January we wrote about Anthony Aldrich II, 14, a North Carolina Eagle Scout who was trying to win back-to-back titles selling popcorn for the Boy Scouts.

After sales of $19,458 last year, Anthony upped his 2008 total to $23,671. That was slightly more than his goal but not enough to make him top seller. That honor went to Lucas Pauliukonis of Bakersfield, California, who totaled $39,501 -- an all-time sales record. Anthony finished third.

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