Earthy Abstractions

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto's
Shinji Turner-Yamamoto's "Rainbow," at Shigeko Bork Mu Project. (Mu Project)
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By Jessica Dawson
Friday, March 14, 2008

- Earth, sky, moon, sun. It's a veritable environmental science class inside Mu Project, where Shinji Turner-Yamamoto exhibits abstract paintings and wall works, many incorporating ash and several "painted" by raindrops. The works in the artist's "rainbow" series were made, in part, as raindrops fell onto a layer of ash and formed abstract patterns; he then sealed the ash onto clear acetate and suspended the page over colored canvas. The result looks like clouds obscuring a rainbow. In the gallery's rear room, dramatically lit gold- and silver-leafed abstract paintings evoke constellations. Ireland's soggy weather -- experienced firsthand during a residency there -- served as the show's co-author and inspiration.

Shinji Turner-Yamamoto at Shigeko Bork Mu Project, 1521 Wisconsin Ave. NW, Wednesday-Saturday 11 a.m.-5 p.m., 202-333-4119, to April 25;

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