Be Fair In Mideast Coverage

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I was shocked to read Griff Witte's assertion that the murder of eight students in a Jerusalem seminary [front page, March 7] was reminiscent of a 1994 attack by Baruch Goldstein, a Jew who shot a group of Palestinians at prayer.

There are significant differences. While Goldstein acted alone and was condemned by Israeli leaders, the March 6 attack in Jerusalem drew praise and rejoicing from Arabs throughout the West Bank and Gaza, with promises of more bloodshed to come.

After Goldstein's attack, Palestinians rioted and killed; after the seminary shooting, Israeli leaders cautioned against revenge.

Does Witte really believe the Goldstein shooting is more of a parallel than when Palestinian gunmen killed four students at an Otniel seminary in 2002? Does Witte seriously mean to imply that the publicly denounced actions of a lone Jew 14 years ago are morally equivalent to the continuous, publicly sanctioned Palestinian terrorism of today?

-- Yaffa Klugerman

Silver Spring


When a Palestinian gunman killed eight Israelis last week, it was the lead article above the fold on the front page. Then on Wednesday, not for the first time, Israelis killed five Gazans. There was not a single mention of it, even in the back pages of Thursday's A-section.

Pro-Israel lobbies may consider this balanced coverage, but you should know better.

The next time someone rants at you about your supposed anti-Israeli bias, cite this example. Palestinian lives are not cheaper than Israeli ones, but readers can't learn that from The Post.

-- Martha S. Baine


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