More Work to Be Done on AIDS Relief

Friday, March 21, 2008

Regarding Michael Gerson's March 12 op-ed, "The AIDS Relief Miracle":

While it's heartening to see the reauthorization of the global AIDS bill receive coverage by a Post columnist, Mr. Gerson's equating "aggressive family planning" with abortion is appalling, if not dangerous, to the many women and men who want to prevent the spread of AIDS and plan their families responsibly.

The United Methodist Church, for which I work, believes that families have the right to decide when they have their children and that women and men have the right to use condoms, a family planning resource, to prevent the spread of disease. Any notion that family planning is really just abortion is false.

I suggest that Mr. Gerson learn more about this practice and begin advocating for its use, especially given the recent statistic that one in four girls in the United States has a sexually transmitted disease [Metro, March 13].



Louise and Hugh Moore Population Project

General Board of Church & Society

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